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Highway 80 Sale Extended to 5 States!

East Texas Tourism Association is proud to announce the 2014 dates for the US Hwy 80 Sale for the third weekend in April & October 2014. The Historic US 80 Hi-Way Sale will begin at 8:00am daily on April 18th & 19 (2 days only this year because of Easter) & October 17th - 18th - 19th and should draw crowds from far and wide looking for a bargain.

NEW this year!.... the April sale will cross five states: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama & Georgia. More information for this 5 state sale will be available on the new website.

We've added a new website just for the Hwy 80 Sale. Go to to find up to the minute locations of vendors. If you wish to be added to the list email -

History in Our 'Own Backyard'

Fifteen miles from Baytown, the Battleship Texas is moored in La Porte's San Jacinto State Park. Known as the ''Lucky T,'' the U.S.S. Texas is the oldest remaining dreadnought battleship and is one of only two remaining ships to have served in both World War I and World War II - and the only American.

She was the first U.S. battleship to mount anti-aircraft guns, to control gunfire with analog computers, to launch an aircraft, the first Navy ship to receive commercial radar and the first to be declared a U.S. National Historic Landmark as well the first battleship museum, a position she maintains today.

Tours carry visitors through a typical WWII sailor's life, as they pass through the captain's quarters, laundry room, soda room (ice cream parlor), bunkers and mailroom. Each has been diligently restored with original and period-accurate decor.

The Battleship Texas is open for touring from 10am to 5pm, Monday-Sunday. For more information, call (281) 479-2431.

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We've added a new feature to our website! You can now submit your event directly to our online East Texas Guide Calendar of Events.

To submit a new event, click on 'Calendar of Events', on the left side of our homepage, then follow the appropriate link from there.

Once we receive your event we will review and approve it and you should expect to see your new event online within 2 business days. Please feel free to contact us at or (903)757-4444 if you have any questions.

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Hotel Safety- Your guide to getting out

Here are some questions you can ask to make sure that you feel as safe traveling as you do at home: (1)Where are the hotel exits? Do you know? Do your kids? (2)'Look for the exit signs!' Make a game of it. Ask your kids if they know how to find the exits. (3)Count them. How many are there? (4) Where are they? How many doors to the left or right of your room? Four doors to the left, or maybe eight doors to the right? (5) Are the exit signs working? See if you can turn out the lights and let the kids see the signs in the dark. (6) Are they light enough? Are they on at all? (7)Where do the exits lead? A dark hallway? A dark stairwell? Or have they installed photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) safety way guidance systems?

Exit signs are easy to miss, but they don't have to be. It is important to learn about what kind of safety systems are in place, as well as what is available.

Stay safe as you travel.

Life's Better in a state of travel...